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They say that a trip is lived three times: when you plan it, when you live it and when you remember it… Our philosophy invites you to start this flight with us for an experience that will awaken your senses and for that you only have to let yourself go…
Intense flavors for happy moments, magic in flight, small moments of satisfaction.
We have created a well-studied route for you, so that no matter which way you choose, you will get it right and reach a good destination.
Don’t forget our desserts, they are like that final group photo in the most enjoyed landscape…
We start our engines, hold on tight and enjoy the moment.

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The best gastronomic experience of sushi malaga
You are about to discover the delicious proposals offered by Kawai Restaurant. Check the menu and when you have it clear, place your order. The delivery totally free of charge!

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Discover the best sushi in Malaga
Kawai Restaurant is located in Alamos Street, 28, in the heart of the city center of Malaga, in one of the streets that is gaining more life, and where you can find Malaga classics such as Peña Juan Breva, the Liceo or Druk’o branch, among others, near the Plaza de la Merced and practically at the foot of the great Cervantes Theater.

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